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Yes, absolutely! The first thing you can do is get married off site instead, or choose a different resort.
The second thing you can do is to harness the power of the internet! Reviews and testimonials are every company’s bread and butter down here in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, and bad reviews can be your demise. If you are unhappy about a resort’s outside vendor fee policies, shout it from the rooftops to anyone who will listen! Warn future engaged couples, and cause a stir! The world wide web is a very influential place, and with it you have the ability to create change. So speak up!

Our prices are non-negotiable. Our videographers have set prices. For that reason, it’s not possible for us to discount prices. Again, we insist you do your research and negotiate the vendor fee before signing the contract with your chosen resort.

I wish I had a straightforward answer for you on this one. My best research says that the fees go in part to the onsite vendors who’s service you have chosen not to use. It may also go straight into the pocket of the resort. With certainty I can tell you where it does not go: It does not go in any part to your chosen off site vendor, and it does not reflect in any increased value to you, the paying customer.

I’m afraid you might be out of luck on this one. 🙁 Although I am not suggesting that it isn’t worth a try to ask for a discount, I certainly would not hold my breath for your resort to be open to negotiation. We can´t insist to much in the fact that you need to do your research before you sign a contract with your resort.

The only time you will hold any negotiating power is before you sign a contract with your hotel. This is why it is SO important that you do your homework and ask important wedding planning questions when exploring the multitudes of Cancun or Riviera Maya All-inclusive options. If you do not like their vendor fee policy, work your negotiation skills to have it reduced or eliminated, or do not get married there! And please, if you do manage to work out a fair deal, then make sure to get it in writing on your contract.

Insider Tip: One option that is worth exploring is booking a night for your wedding photographer at your resort. In some cases the vendor fee would be waived if they are a guest of the resort, and this can be end up being cheaper than the vendor fee.


There is no regulation or standard fee. Vendor fees are totally at the discretion of each particular resort. You might luck out and not have to pay anything, but at the very least expect that the cost of a day pass will be required.
If you choose to get married at an All-inclusive resort in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, and you want control over what wedding vendors you hire, be prepared to pay an additional fee. Let’s say that you are less than thrilled by the onsite wedding videographer that your resort insists you pay for, and you have found a local wedding videographer (outside vendor) who’s style you absolutely love and must have. It is common practice for All-inclusive resorts to tack on their own fee, over and above your chosen vendor’s fee, just for the privilege of having that individual on the resort’s grounds.
The footage is recorded by high-quality High Definition Video cameras at full HD resolution. We can add the footage and create a wedding video for an additional fee.
The live stream add-on package include the wedding ceremony of up to one hour. If you have special circumstances that require a longer live stream for the ceremony, we can make arrangements for an additional fee. Please notify us in as early as possible if you expect your ceremony to be longer than 1 hour. Besides offering wedding live stream for the ceremony, we also offer packages that include live streaming of the reception, and wedding party
Our live wedding live stream are encoded at a mobile broadband-quality bitrate, which means the audio and video will be good. Our staff is fully trained for professional live stream, ensuring a high quality experience for your online guests, and a worry-free service for you.
Upon request.
Our wedding live stream are streamed in HTML5 format which means virtually all of your online guests will be able to view the live stream on desktop and mobile devices.
We will provide you with a link to the location of your personalized wedding live stream page after we have confirmed your reservation. You can email this link to your family and friends at your convenience.
Anyone you invite, as long as they have a broadband Internet connection. The live stream is viewable on both desktop and mobile devices such as iPad/iPhone. Dialup users will not be able to view the live stream.
We don´t have a restriction of viewers.
Livestream are add-on packages starting at $399. This includes having a 2 member team from our professional staff on-site.
Meals are required for videographers for packages from 6 hours or longer.
Our standard dress code is khaki shorts, comfortable running shoes,  and a white colored Video Cancun shirt for the day and a dark shirt for the evening. This allows customers and guests to clearly identify us as necessary — and provides comfort to our videographer while filming.
We will always opt to microphone the priest / officiant first. If they decline or that isn’t possible then we will mic the groom. We’ll wirelessly send the audio back to our cameras for crisp and clean sound.
We have a one videographer to one camera rule. We generally do not allow for or use static un-manned cameras. You can order as many videographers as you would like, but recommend a maximum of 5. If you think more than three videographers are necessary, you should contact us prior to ordering.
Check out our “Design your Package” page.
No wedding is the same, and our packages are completely customizable. With a single videographer at your wedding, prices can range from $100 – 1.5k or more. For two videographers, a range of $600 – 2.8k is more common.
Yes. We can film at up to 1080p HD at 50 Mbps in a 4:2:2 profile.
We have a full HD camera, audio kit, monopod and tripod. Our videography kits are robust enough for nearly any situation. We have 1 handheld microphone, 1 camera microphone, 1 wireless lavalier, an audio bag with connectors, a wireless audio transmitter, other backup gear, along with a fluid / professional monopod and tripod.
We film events in 1080p HD / 24 fps (frames per second) All video is delivered in 720p HD and 360p for convenient viewing and delivery over the internet. Additional resolutions are available upon request.
Our standard pricing is for 1 camera and 1 Videographer. If your event or production requires multiple cameras, contact us for pricing or check out the “Design your Package” page.
We bring a small, LED light that sits on top of our cameras. We only use this light for abnormally low-lit situations. Usually, since our camera sensors and lenses are great for low-light conditions, we optimize the natural light in the environment to minimize the use of the camera light.
Yes, on request.
Almost anything. — Our audio kits have a full adapters kit that can change just about any feed into an XLR feed that our cameras accept.
Yes. We have a wireless transmitter that can send audio to our cameras. This can be used to plug into a DJ / venue system or with a lavalier microphone.
We always come prepped with 1 wireless lavalier microphone, 1 wired handheld microphone and 1 stereo microphone placed above the camera. If your event requires additional microphones, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.
Prices are non-negotiable. Our videographers have set prices. For that reason, it’s not possible for us to discount prices.
Hmmmmm… No.
No, Vide Cancun offers event videography production services only. We can refer you to other Professional Photographers like Ireri Medina or Sascha Gluck. The easiest is to check their websites and contact them directly.
We schedule our teams on a weekly bases depending the type and amount of work, so we don´t always know who will be filming your event. Additionally, we have freelance videographers in case someone of our team is unable to make it. So, the best way to reach us is though our Support Line at +52 998 688 0111. We´ll make sure any notes or special instructions are provided to the team members filming your event.
We offer rates for as little as 30 minutes or as long as 5 days. If you’re unsure how long you need us for your event or production, just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to offer our expert advice.
There’s really no need. Our team films every day and have experience with a wide variety of filming conditions and know ost of the wedding venues in this area very well. If you need to add notes or special filming instructions to your order, just send us an email or give us a call. Our Support Team is always ready to help.
Yes, if you have a special DVD project that requires custom menu design and navigation. Just let us know your vision and we can provide a custom quote.
Yes, we burn your DVDs on normal writable DVDs which will play directly on your DVD player using a basic menu.
You can order up to 12 DVD copies. We’re not a DVD duplication or replication house, and cannot duplicate massive amounts of DVD copies.
If you’d like to purchase DVDs, you can purchase them in sets of 3 TV playable copies for $59. Just let us know how many copies you’d like and provide us a mailing address. Once paid, your DVDs will arrive in 30 days.
No, you do not need to order DVDs to enjoy  Video. We deliver all our video online through a private viewer, which lets you watch or download your videos at your convenience. Your viewer link will be available indefinitely and your videos will be stored safely on our servers, so you never have to worry about losing them.
DVDs are not automatically included with our products or packages. You can add DVDs to your order or purchase them later. You can always burn your own DVD for free!
Any H.264 capable device — most phones, tablets, computers or TVs with media players like Roku, Apple TV or compatible Blu-Ray players. If you need a different codec or file type, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.
No, you can access your Viewer link from your smart phone or tablet. You can also download your video files to Mac / PC / Linux and even burn your own DVDs / Blu-Rays.
Yes, this is no problem. Just contact us to make this happen.
No, your videos are private access only, and can only be viewed by those you’ve shared your Viewer link with.
Video + Clips are usually available within a week after we arrive back from your event. Most typically between 3-5 working days depending on our workload. Edited videos and other custom projects are usually available in 14 days. Faster delivery is available upon request.
Your Video + Clips are delivered online within a few days through a private Viewer which allows you to watch, share or download your videos at your convenience.
We are almost always available, but weekends and high season do fill up very fast. Please contact us to make sure we have availability.
Call +52 998 688 0111 or +52 1 998 229 4737
Mostly the same day, unless its weekend and we are on production or out fishing.
We recommend in this case a bank transfer to our bank account here in México.
No — we will not accept Bitcoin and have no plans to.
Yes, we do accept Paypal
We do accept Paypal. You can use your credit card through Paypal.
We do accept cash, however we don´t accept cheques, since we can´t cash International cheques here in México.
Currently we ask for a deposit using Paypal or wire transfer to our bank account. The balance is due 2 days before the event or in cash at the start of the day of the event.
We normally ask for a 30% deposit and the balance 2 days before the start of your event or wedding.
Depending on the location of your event, there might be an additional charge for travel. We will advise before accepting the job.

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